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Emergency Instruction Manual

  • Buildings
  • Line Preferences
  • Emergency Test Preferences
  • Backup Manager
  • Mobile Commission Tool
  • Update Manager
  • Register Products
  • User Profile Setup
  • Alert Settings
  • Restarting Controller

GNU General Public License


Commissioning and setup information

Welcome to the AWAC setup guide. Please use this manual to setup and commission your site.

Should you have any additional questions please contact our sales reps or office.

Linked below is a list of helpful documents

Installers introduction to the AWAC

A guide introducing you to the concepts used to wire the site, the cables to use and other important information

Installer pre commission checklist

A mandatory checklist that the onsite electrician should preform before calling the commissioning agent

Site Questionnaire

A form you need to fill out so that the AWACs are supplied pre-commissioned and ready to install.

AWAC Spec Guide

A guide to how to specify the AWAC into your building specification

Typical AWAC wiring

A simple to follow wiring diagram showing how to wire an AWAC in a Distribution board.

AWAC system wiring overview

A detailed document showing how the system is wired and designed.

AWAC Commissioned identity label

A sheet of labels which are printed and used to identify each AWAC

Other AWAC brochures

AWAC setup Guide ( For Commissioning Agents)

AWAC easy installation Guide ( For Installing Electrician)

AWAC commissioning Guide ( For Commissioning Agents)

Register template sheet ( For installing electrician and Commissioning Agents)

AWAC brochure

AWAC installation manual

AWAC Datasheet

AWAC Changelog

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